International Sales Policy

Buyers and sellers must comply with the laws of their home countries and the laws of the country in which the product is listed or the trading partner’s residence.

Description of the agreement

You may find it very useful to sell your items worldwide. When listing and selling, you must ensure that you comply with the laws of both the country in which you list your products on the Flohmarkt website and the country in which you intend to sell. Therefore, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the laws of both countries.
Please note that items you wish to sell internationally will only appear in search results of international Flohmarkt websites if the sale of these items is permitted in the relevant country.
By defining a limited group of recipients, you can exclude countries that you do not want to send to.
Please make sure your offers comply with our guidelines. If your entries don’t follow the guidelines, they may be removed. Websites that ban the item may not show the item in search results. In addition, your usage rights as a buyer or seller may be restricted.
Note on customs fees: Please note that it is prohibited by law to declare a product sold on Flohmarkt as a gift in order to send it duty-free to a country outside the EU. Therefore, be sure to declare all products you sell and ship to a country outside the EU.
You can read more information on the customs website.
Banned Product Policy in all Flohmarkt countries
Here you will find the policies for banned articles in other relevant Flohmarkt countries. However, they can only be used as a guide. Pages are written in the relevant national language.

Note: Removal of bad comments on international trade.
If sellers are badly rated due to legal customs fees (at buyer’s expense), Flohmarkt reserves the right to remove the relevant buyer rating. Learn more about our review removal policy.

Additional information for sellers

Export laws must be complied with when selling products
Make sure the products you sell can also be exported from the country you live in. Special permissions may be required to export certain items, and some items may not be exported at all. In this context, OFAC (Foreign Asset Control Office) and International Arms Trade Regulations PDF (ITAR) regulations must be complied with.
High-priced and high-volume transactions
If you plan to do extensive business with customers in other countries, or if you are trading high quality products or products that are subject to strict regulations, you should do extensive research beforehand and, if necessary, All transactions will meet applicable requirements Laws are followed. Processing such transactions often involves filling out additional forms.


Below you will find three reasons to get information about the current legal situation before making foreign trade transactions:

Goods may be detained by customs. Fines or duties may apply to goods detained or confiscated by customs.
If you ship to other countries and your item is not allowed in all countries, the item may not appear in search results in those countries. We may also remove offers, suspend or terminate a member’s account(s) and/or take action to ban members from our website.
 You can be prosecuted. Litigation may arise from owners of trademarks, copyrights or other rights (for example, if a European trademark owner attempts to enforce claims regarding the importation of lawfully manufactured goods into Europe that are destined for another market).
For more information about customs regulations in other countries, please contact the World Customs Organization. You can also contact the embassies of the relevant countries.


Supplementary information for buyers

Import duties
If you order goods from abroad, you may be required to pay customs duties, excise duty and/or import sales tax.
When purchasing products, import laws must be complied with
Before ordering a product, clarify whether you have legal permission to import it. Each country has different laws governing the types of goods that can be imported. For example, your country may have restrictions on the import of food, plants, clothing, and even books, resulting in the seizure and destruction of imported goods.
Mandatory CE marked
goods Certain products, e. B. Cell phones, electronic devices, toys are subject to certain certification requirements and require a CE mark before importation. More information on which products require this marking can be found on the EU website:


General information about alcohol and tobacco products

The sale and distribution of alcohol and tobacco products is restricted by law in most countries.
For example, in the United States, it is prohibited to sell alcoholic beverages and tobacco products on Flohmarkt. As a seller on, you can therefore only sell non-alcoholic beer and non-alcoholic wine to American buyers.
Therefore, if you want to export alcohol or tobacco from Germany, first make sure that sales are allowed in the respective country.
Note: In order for the products not to be offered for sale in countries where it is prohibited, we recommend that you exclude these countries from sales and shipping from the beginning. You can do this by specifying the conditions that a buyer must meet (for example, buyers from Germany only). Buyers who do not meet your requirements will not see your offer.
Learn more about Choosing Conditions to be Met by Buyers.


Why does Flohmarkt have this policy?

We want all sellers and buyers to comply with the laws and regulations in force at home and abroad. Users should familiarize themselves with the relevant import and export regulations before listing the relevant items, as the import and export of items are subject to strict legal requirements or may have adverse effects on Flohmarkt or our users.
Note: This information should not be taken as legal advice. If you are unsure whether a product can be sold on Flohmarkt, we recommend that you seek legal advice.

Violation of our policies

Note: The decision as to whether or not our principles have been violated belongs only to Flohmarkt. You can rest assured that we carefully review every report of a violation of our policies.
Violation of one of our policies may result in one or more of the following consequences:
Restriction of use of the Flohmarkt market (i.e. no longer possible to buy, bid or sell)
Temporary or permanent exclusion from the Flohmarkt market
Deletion of active (and already expired) offers
Remove ratings
Deducting Flohmarkt fees for deleted entries